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In a World of Drones

15 January 2020, 1:00am / Added by Matthew Forsyth


Come see how the use of drones are innovating almost all industries. While drones are changing the way companies are handling dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs, the industry is fighting the clueless, careless, and criminal actions of rogue and uninformed pilots. Come learn about the regulations regarding Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) for both commercial and recreational usage.

Topics to be addressed include:

General laws regarding both pilots and citizens.
Recommended courses of action you should take if you believe illegal drone activity is occurring.
Steps you can take to start to become a commercial UAS pilot.
How the data collected by drones can be used to enhance a variety of curricula.
Find ways to enhance your personal drone interests.

Presenter: Bill Lewis, Coordinator, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program


Humber 102 - Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC, 27835, United States

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